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, Ger. Riesengebirge, Pol. Karkonosze, highest range of the Sudetes, extending c.25 mi (40 km) along the border of N Czech Republic and SW Poland. Its highest peak, Snĕžka (Ger. Schneekoppe, Pol.
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, mountains.
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10) En enero de 1922, mientras Kalka se embarcaba en la composicion de El castillo, llego una tarde nevada al balneario de Spindlermuhle en el Riesengebirge, cerca de la frontera con Polonia.
After Friedrich moved to Dresden from Greifswald on the Baltic coast in 1798, at the age of twenty-four, he assuaged his savage melancholy by tracking the scraped and rocky soil of the Riesengebirge Mountains nearby.
From his diaries, we can see how even simple events, such as walking in the snow under the Riesengebirge, became charged for him with moral and spiritual significance.
Tier after grim tier of peaks aspires to a dreamlike immensity in his Riesengebirge Mountains, with a sole fell-walker resting on a rock.