Rifat Ilgaz

Rifat Ilgaz


Born 1911 in Cide. Turkish poet.

Ilgaz began publishing in the 1930’s and gained popularity with his poems published in the journal Gün, the organ of the democratic workers’ party. He also contributed to the newspaper Marko Paşa, published by Sabahattin Ali. Ilgaz’ poetry criticizes social abuses and seeks to comprehend the causes of the hard life of workers, peasants, and students.


Eğlence. Ankara, 1943.
Yaşadikça. Istanbul, 1947.


Fish, R. “Sovremennaia turetskaia poeziia.” In Turetskaia poeziia nashikh dnei. Moscow, 1958.
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Kastamonu University School of Tourism and Hotel Management and Cide Rifat Ilgaz Vocational High School: Industries need qualified persons to develop.
She was also awarded the 'Ataturk's Principles and Reforms Prize' by the Senate of the University of Istanbul in 1996, with the 'Honorary Prize' by the Rifat Ilgaz Cultural Centre in 2000.