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(1) A specialist’s helper: in institutions of higher learning, the professor’s (instructor’s) helper at lectures and laboratory or practical lessons; in secondary schools, the examiner’s helper; in hospitals and clinics, the doctor’s helper, who watches how an illness is progressing and helps (assists) the surgeon during an operation; in the movies and theater, on television and radio, the helper of the director, operator, and so forth.

(2) In institutions of higher learning in the USSR: (a) a state office in a subdepartment that is filled competitively by persons having the appropriate higher education and qualified for teaching or scientific work; (b) the first scholarly title conferred upon teachers at universities by a resolution of the council of the institution of higher learning (the department) and confirmed by the rector.

(3) In the military: an honor guard of two persons accompanying the standard-bearer.

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The church, parts of which date from the 13th Century, also houses the tomb of Henry VII's right hand man Sir Rhys ap Thomas and nearly 90 other monuments and fittings, which will be restored following major conservation work on the building.
The Scot was Glenn Hoddle's right hand man during England's France 98 bid and reckons expectations on the national boss are totally unrealistic.
Thoman, 54, was previously IBM Corp chairman Louis Gerstner's right hand man. Xerox is said to derive more revenue from digital products than its analog lines.
Tycoon Richard Branson is set to play a bigger role in the future of London Broncos - with RFL chief executive Maurice Lindsay tipped as a right hand man.