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1. A fillet or small flat-faced projection, as used in a fret molding or to cover a joint between two boards.
2. A raggle.
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Julien Riglet, a French national who was visiting Faraya for the first time, said: "This is one of the reasons I love Lebanon.
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An alternative that doesn't require stucco replacement is to cover the top edge of the rubber with a sheet metal flap that's anchored in groove (called a riglet) that's cut into the stucco.
In lakes, nutrient levels influence total phytoplankton biomass (e.g., Sakamoto 1966, Dillon and Riglet 1974), taxonomic composition (e.g., Pick and Lean 1987, Sandgren 1988, Smith 1990) and size distribution of the community (e.g., Watson arid Kalff 1981, Watson et al.