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These riparian buffer zones are typically areas that are either of too poor quality to be utilized for agricultural purposes or areas that are maintained to reduce nutrient and sediment run-off and stabilize river banks (Frimpong et al.
The destruction of riparian buffer zones also impedes uptake of pesticides and herbicides, which may be detrimental to the in-stream ecology and biodiversity as well.
Application of remote sensing and geographic information systems to the delineation and analysis of riparian buffer zones.
Nutrient attenuation in agricultural surface runoff by riparian buffer zones in southern Illinois, USA.
Soil scientist Greg McCarty has done extensive research on use of riparian buffer zones to reduce the amount of nutrients getting into waterways.
Back in 2000, the team commenced a study of nitrogen and carbon dynamics in riparian buffer zones at an intermittent stream near Coochin Creek, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.
Proposed limits on new wells in riparian buffer zones help assure landowners that when they refrain from drilling a new well to protect riparian corridors, others also must refrain.
It includes establishing riparian buffer zones around streams and ponds that will be planted with native grasses and large woody plants.
These solutions embrace ecotechnology, which includes restoring or building wetlands and riparian buffer zones along waterways.
This includes leaving snags, logs and scattered live trees for wildlife habitat and protecting riparian buffer zones along streams and waterways.
Efficiency and dimensioning of riparian buffer zones in agricultural catchments.
Riparian buffer zones have another benefit: They may allow more carbon to be stored in the soil.