risk assessment

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risk assessment

A report that shows an organization's vulnerabilities and the estimated cost of recovery in the event of damage. It also summarizes defensive measures and associated costs based on the amount of risk the organization is willing to accept (the risk tolerance).

A "risk analysis" is the process of arriving at a risk assessment, also called a "threat and risk assessment." A "threat" is a harmful act such as the deployment of a virus or illegal network penetration. A "risk" is the expectation that a threat may succeed and the potential damage that can occur. See risk management and risk mitigation.

Risk assessment

An evaluation of potential consequences to humans, wildlife, or the environment caused by a process, product, or activity; including both the likelihood and the effects of an event. Also, qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the risk posed to human health or the environment by the actual or potential presence or use of specific pollutants.
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About FinaMetrica FinaMetrica specializes in risk tolerance and risk-related matters.
A gender difference favoring men on risk tolerance is also fairly well established (see meta-analysis by Byrnes, Miller, & Schaefer, 1999).
Gender differences in risk tolerance have been observed in responses to survey questions and risk-tolerance instruments.
Hanna and Chen concluded that even investors with very low subjective risk tolerance levels should have aggressive portfolios if their planning horizons are twenty years or longer.
operations based in Atlanta, Georgia, that specializes in risk tolerance and risk-related matters.
Before buying any bonds, though, advisers should thoroughly understand the client's financial situation, financial goals and unique risk tolerance.
We worked with Daiwa and other clients to understand their lending goals, risk tolerances and exit strategies, and developed due diligence approaches to address each of their requirements.
With this information, management can track risk and compliance levels against the organization's risk tolerance and focus attention on risk that matters most to business.
12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- FinaMetrica, a worldwide leading provider of risk tolerance assessment tools for financial advisors, announced today the U.
I suggest you take a careful study of the Ariel mutual funds and the mutual funds you are invested in within your 401(k) plan and reassess which funds best fit your risk tolerance and investment goals.
Many Americans can benefit from annuities as part of a new retirement risk tolerance model," said Mark Mackey, president and CEO of NAVA.