River System

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river system

[′riv·ər ‚sis·təm]
The aggregate of stream channels draining a river basin.
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River System


a group of rivers discharging water by way of a common flow or system of channels into a sea or lake. A river system consists of the main river (the trunk of the system) and primary, secondary, and later-order tributaries. Rivers that flow directly into the main river are called primary tributaries, tributaries of primary tributaries are called secondary tributaries, and so forth. The Oskol River, which flows into the Sever-skii Donets River, is a primary tributary, and the tributaries of the Oskol are secondary tributaries. Large river systems include up to 20 orders of tributaries. A river system is named after the main river, which is usually the longest and has the greatest discharge in the system.

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The Amazonian proportions of the river system gradually receded.
So far, a DENR team has been assigned to the river system to 'produce drastic improvements by December this year' in order to reduce the fecal coliform levels in Manila Bay by yearend, according to a DENR official.
Lingat said the bokashi balls are expected to help increase dissolved oxygen level at the river system to support aquatic life.
A healthy run of salmon brings marine nutrients into the river system, nutrients that create feeding opportunities for other fish, for mammals like otters, birds like sea eagles and ospreys.
Niall Cook, fisheries technical officer at the Environment Agency, said: "The River Derwent going from an industrialised river system to a haven for fish and other wildlife to flourish is a real success story.
The water crisis in the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) is not being shared equitably between the provinces of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan in the downstream.
Under three separate administrative orders signed by DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu, the Malabon-Tullahan-Tinajeros and the Las Pinas-Paranaque river systems in Metro Manila and the Iyam-Dumacaa river system in Southern Luzon have been designated as water quality management areas (WQMAs), bringing to 37 the total number of WQMAs nationwide.