Riveting Machine

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Riveting Machine


a machine used for making riveted joints. A distinction is made between riveting presses and automatic riveters.

Riveting presses are used for only one riveting operation—the formation of the closing head. The shank of the rivet is set between two dies. One stroke of the die punch can drive one or more rivets (batch riveting). If a KP-602 press is used for batch riveting, up to 1,000 rivets 4 mm in diameter made from light metal alloys can be driven in 1 hr. Riveting presses may be portable or stationary. Portable hand-held presses weigh 4–5 kg and are used mainly in poorly accessible areas of structures.

Automatic riveters manufactured in the USSR execute the entire cycle of operations: they smooth the surfaces of the work-piece, press them together, drill and countersink the holes, insert and drive the rivets, and remove the workpiece. The mechanism is controlled automatically and is preset by programming devices. The output of automatic riveters is 300–600 rivets perhour.


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