Road Roller

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Road Roller


(compactor), a machine for compacting earth, road foundations, and road surfaces by rolling. Road rollers are used in road, railroad, industrial, mining, hydraulic-engineering, and airfield construction.

Road rollers can be either self-propelled or drawn; in theiroperating principle they can be static or vibrating. The workingparts of a road roller are rigid steel drums. The surfaces of thedrums can be flat or with a grid or cams (lugs). The rigid drumsin certain designs have been replaced by pneumatic tires. Trac-tor-drawn rollers with flat drums (static and vibration action), cams, and balloon-tired rollers are used to compact earth androad foundations. The self-propelled rollers with flat drums(two-drum or three-drum, static or vibration action) and withballoon tires are used chiefly for compacting road surfaces. Theefficiency of compacting depends on the specific pressure on thesurface; the weight of the roller is increased by using ballast(reinforced-concrete blocks or containers with sand). The weightof a road roller is from 5 to 50 tons, and it operates at a speedof 2-8 km/hr.


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Navigator Made in 1923 by Fowler of Leeds, The Navigator was used as a road roller, first for Buckinghamshire County Council then Norwich City Council.
Katni's Additional Superintendent of Police Yashpal Singh Rajput said the drivers of the earth moving machine and road roller had been arrested.
Toothill | McCormack, of Crossheath Grove, Leeds, pleaded guilty to stealing the road roller, dangerous driving and driving while disqualified.
The road roller hit the side of their vehicle at about 40mph to 50mph, and pushed them into the retaining wall.
The road roller, believed to be one of only three of its type remaining in the U.S., sat idle until three years ago.
The road roller was reported missing on Monday morning by contractors working on roadworks near the A1 Berwick bypass.
The trip is expected to take eight more days, and the road roller will make the return trip by lorry.
A road roller was used to destroy the firearms, which included homemade machine guns, mortar launchers and antitank rockets.
Besana said personnel of the 9th Forward Service Support Unit would crush the firearms using a road roller.
A MAN has been rescued after he became pinned underneath a three-tonne road roller at the bottom of a steep embankment.
"The van triggered a ANPR camera in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire Police stopped the vehicle and arrested a suspect, and now our colleagues in Cumbria can progress an investigation into the theft of a road roller in Kirby Stephen.