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(also raba), in ancient Rus’, a female slave who was either a concubine for her master or a servant, wet nurse, or housekeeper in her master’s household. According to the Russkaia Pravda, a master’s children and the roba who bore them were freed after the master’s death.

A roba was also the wife of a kholop, or male slave; a kholop was a member of the lowest category of the dependent population during the period of feudalism. The marriage of a freeman to a roba conferred upon him the status of a slave, except in those cases when a special agreement had been made with the woman’s owner.


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However, the increment was significantly higher for Roba 1(Figure 4) than new BILFA 58 when the soil was not limed.
Meanwhile, Roba said that police will soon carry out a major security operation in all the refugee camps in a bid to flash out all the criminals hiding in the camps and net all the weapons that are hidden in the camps.
As far as ROBA is concerned, if we deal with only biclusters with constant values on rows, it suffices for the other four types of biclusters mentioned earlier.
It was time to go back to the hotel for a rest because for the evening I had tickets to a show on the Roba river.
The Bundeskartellamt claimed on September 20 that Strabag's takeover of Roba, which is one of its few independent competitors in the production of asphalt mix, would lead to a restriction of competition in regional markets.
A re kgwetlho e tona ke nonyane ya lesogo e e tseneletseng mabele, a ta tlhalosa fa a sa bone a tlaa roba sepe mo temeng ya mabele.
In Nairobi, justice Fred Ochieng dismissed the Roba petition, saying there were no serious irregularities to affect the outcome of the election.
La historia gira en torno a una pareja, Epitafio y Estela, parte de un grupo mayor de secuestradores que copta a los inmigrantes, y con la promesa de llevarlos a Norteamerica los roba, viola, asesina, abandona, entrega a los narcotraficantes .
It is sad that we have another 36 people who were attacked and killed late last night in the same manner it happened on a bus recently," Mandera county governor Ali Roba said.
The third place was won by three people, Roba Alzahar and Zakariya Alsinwar from Palestine and Dr.
For world cinema buffs, any resemblance in concept you might spot with the Spanishlanguage film Ladron Que Roba A Ladron ( To Rob A Thief) is also absolutely understandable.