Robert Abbe

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Abbe, Robert

(ăb`ē), 1851–1928, American surgeon, b. New York City, M.D. Columbia, 1874; brother of Cleveland AbbeAbbe, Cleveland
, 1838–1916, American meteorologist, b. New York City; brother of Robert Abbe. He was the first official daily weather forecaster in the United States. Abbe studied astronomy at the Univ. of Michigan, under B. A. Gould at Cambridge, Mass.
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. He was especially noted as a plastic surgeon and was a pioneer in the use of catgut sutures. A friend of the Curies, Abbe was also one of the first in the United States to use radium in treating cancer.
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We are in limbo," said Robert Abbe, treasurer of the High Country Homeowners Association.
Edith Favour, Indian Games, Toys, and Pastimes of Maine and the Maritimes (Bar Harbor, ME: Robert Abbe Museum, 1974), 19.
In September 1988, a New York neurologist, Dr Charles Dana, first suggested cutting nerves to treat pain in a letter to Robert Abbe, who quickly adopted it.