Robert Braidwood

Braidwood, Robert


Born July 29, 1907, in Detroit. American archaeologist, specialist in the primitive and ancient history of Southwest Asia. He investigated numerous Mesolithic and early Neolithic settlements in Iraq (including Jarmo), Syria, and Iran. He worked out a division of Neolithic periods for the Near East and a division of the ancient agricultural periods for Southwest Asia.


Excavations in the Plain of Antioch, vol. 1. Chicago, 1960. (In collaboration with L. S. Braidwood.)
Prehistoric Investigations in Iraqi Kurdistan. Chicago, 1960. (In collaboration with B. Howe.)
Prehistoric Men. Chicago, 1961.
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Robert Braidwood of the University of Chicago had written that there was a cause-effect relationship between bread malting and the domestication of cereal grains.
A team of archaeologists directed by Robert Braidwood of the University of Chicago and Halet Cambel of Istanbul (Turkey) University recovered the partially fossilized cloth at Cayonu in southeastern Turkey.