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Browne, Robert


Born about 1550, in Tolethorpe, Rutlandshire; died about 1633, in Northampton. English Protestant theologian. Initiator of a radical movement in Puritanism.

Browne studied at Cambridge from 1570 to 1572. His study of the Bible led him to reject the organizational principles of the Anglican church. Proceeding from a concept of religious freedom, Browne advocated a self-governing church company (congregation), autonomous and independent of secular and church authority. He pressed for the right of every believer to separate himself from the existing church. Around 1580, Browne attempted to establish an independent company in the city of Norwich, but persecution forced him to emigrate to the Netherlands. He began preaching again in England and Scotland in 1584 and was subjected to constant persecution. He died in prison. Browne’s followers have been called Brownists, Congregationalists, and Independents.

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St Anselm's College in Wirral announced that Robert Browne had resigned "for personal reasons beyond our control" last November.
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Cummins) Belcher; three daughters, Kelly Hauk and husband, Billy of Woodstock, Shannon Belcher and husband, Robert Browne of Woodstock and Deborah Faunce and husband, Michael of Spencer; a grandson, William "Skippy" Hauk; a granddaughter, Tiffany, two great grandchildren, two brothers, a sister, a brother- in- law, Ed Mickelson along with several nieces and nephews.
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However, most of the scenes in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" were shot on a Hollywood soundstage, although Robert Browne, one of the listing brokers, asserted that Bacanovic was sure that the scene where Golightly attends a party dressed in a bedsheet was shot in the living room of the house.
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