Indiana, Robert

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Indiana, Robert

(ĭn'dē-ăn`ə), 1928–2018, American pop artist, b. New Castle, Ind., as Robert Clark. A leading figure in the pop artpop art,
movement that restored realism to avant-garde art; it first emerged in Great Britain at the end of the 1950s as a reaction against the seriousness of abstract expressionism.
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 movement of the 1960s, he specialized in making signs in various media, inspired by billboards and posters in the American landscape. His best known image, the iconic LOVE, with two letters a line, the "O" atilt, was first created (1964) for a Christmas card printed by New York's Museum of Modern Art. It subsequently was the subject of many of his paintings, sculptures, and prints, and has appeared as a U.S. Valentine's Day postage stamp and in untold posters, sculptures, reproductions, and commercial adaptations.


See J. Wilmerding and J. Pissarro, Robert Indiana: The Artist and His Work 1955–2005 (2006), B. Haskell and R. P. Barilleaux, Robert Indiana: Beyond LOVE (2013), and M. Krause and J. Wilmerding, The Essential Robert Indiana (2013).

Indiana, Robert (b. Robert Clark)

(1928–  ) painter; born in New Castle, Ind. Based in New York City from 1954, he was a major force of the pop art movement of the 1960s, an avant-garde approach that used hard-edge abstraction and ordinary objects seen in advertising and other popular mediums. His most famous images, some of which resemble road signs, include his paintings based on the word "LOVE."
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