Robert Debre

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Debré, Robert


Born Dec. 7, 1882, in Sedan. French pediatrician. Member of the French Medical Academy (1934) and French Academy of Sciences (1961).

Debré received his medical education at the Sorbonne in Paris and in 1920 became a professor at the School of Medicine of the University of Paris. He became head of the department of clinical pediatrics in the Paris Children’s Hospital in 1940. His main work is in the field of children’s infections and the public aspects of pediatrics. He organized the International Children’s Center in Paris for research in maternity and child protection. For his outstanding contributions to public health, Debré received the L. Bernard Prize from the World Health Organization in 1964.


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To end this first day, Dr Marie Savet, pharmacist at Hospital Robert Debre (France), will provide an overview of the issues involved in paediatric cancer treatment packaging.
* Address correspondence to this author at: Laboratoire Central de Biochimie, Hopital Robert Debre, CHU de Reims, Avenue du General Koenig Reims, F-51092 Reims, France.
Address : Chu De Nmes Ple Ressources Matrielles Units Des Achats Mdicaux Btiment 6 Place Du Pr Robert Debre