Robert Emmet

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Emmet, Robert


Born 1778 in Dublin; died there Sept. 20, 1803. Figure in the Irish national movement.

In 1798, Emmet joined the United Irishmen, among whose leaders was his brother, Thomas Emmet. He shared the revolutionary democratic ideas of the society’s left wing. He spent the years between 1799 and 1802 in France. Emmet opposed the Act of Union of 1801 and favored the creation of an independent Irish republic. Upon returning to his homeland in 1802, he began planning for an armed insurrection. However, his attempt in July 1803 to raise a rebellion ended in failure, and Emmet was executed.

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If it is strange for me to look back from a distance both in time and space on these bygone adventures of our youth, it must be stranger for you who tread the same streets--who may to-morrow open the door of the old Speculative, where we begin to rank with Scott and Robert Emmet and the beloved and inglorious Macbean--or may pass the corner of the close where that great society, the L.
For 10 minutes O'Hare stood in the dock - the same dock where patriot Robert Emmet in 1803 gave his historic speech after his death sentence - and railed against his supposed enemies in Ireland, North and South.
The Broadway star -- who earned five Tony Award nominations in seven years -- passed away at her home in Manhattan on Sunday (11.02.18), her playwright husband Robert Emmet Lunney has confirmed.
In 1797, he was commissioned by Dr Robert Emmet, state physician for Ireland, to paint a portrait of the doctor's son, Robert, and daughter, Mary.
Notes: a mandatory pre-bid meeting and site showing will be held on tuesday, june 20, 2017 at 09:00 am at the robert emmet shaft parking area on lake county road 1 (5th street).
Humanities professor, Robert Emmet Meagher, and former Frommer's guide-writer turned elementary school teacher, Elizabeth Parker Neave, present a travel guide to Ireland that focuses on sites, geography, and stories of ancient Ireland.
188) provides an obvious rationale for this study of the years between the 'great rebellion' of 1798 and Robert Emmet's aborted rising of 23 July 1803.
The $15 million dollar naming donation, the largest in the 115-year history of the law school, was made in June in honor of two alumni, Robert Emmet Dineen and Carolyn Bareham Dineen, by their children, Kathryn Dineen Wriston, Carolyn Dineen King and Robert E.
Our Irish heroes like Robert Emmet, Padraig Pearse and Parnell must weep at this perfidy.
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