Robert F. Kennedy, Assassination of

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Sirhan Sirhan makes his (unsuccessful) case for parole in this 2011 photograph.

Robert F. Kennedy, Assassination of

Sirhan was programmed by occult “Masters” to be the “slave” who would kill Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

When Robert F. Kennedy was on the campaign trail in 1968, unimaginative and thoughtless journalists asked him an obvious question over and over again: with the dark memory of the assassination of his brother President John F. Kennedy in November 1963 ever-present in the public consciousness, did Robert ever worry that he too might be killed by an assassin? Kennedy, a man of faith and optimism, often replied wryly that anyone who really wanted to get him probably could, but that he preferred to live his life in the hope of serving his country, not in fear.

On June 5, 1968, the first anniversary of the Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt, Robert Kennedy’s grimly fatalistic words came to pass when he was gunned down in the kitchen of the historic Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, just minutes after winning the California Democratic primary election. His assassin was a thin, dark-haired young Arab who shouted, “Kennedy, you son of a bitch!” as he fired a .22 revolver at least eight times. Kennedy was hit twice in the head and twice in the armpit. Paul Schrade, Kennedy’s speechwriter, was shot in the forehead. William Weisel, Ira Goldstein, Erwin Stroll, and Elizabeth Evans were also hit by bullets from the assassin’s revolver. All survived their injuries except Kennedy, who died at 2 A.M., June 6, at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Once the police had the assassin in custody, he refused to give his name, saying that he preferred to remain incognito. However, once at the police station, the young Arab talked about everything, it seemed, but the terrible act he had just committed. He spoke philosophically about the nature of justice; he displayed his financial acumen by discoursing on the stock market; he proved he was literate in conversing about Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird; he demonstrated that he was not ignorant about crime and murder by discussing several homicide cases that had occurred in Los Angeles. When a policeman challenged him to give his name by accusing him of being ashamed, the slightly built assassin snapped that “hell, no,” he was not.

Soon enough, the authorities learned that the murderer was Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, an Arab Christian born in Jerusalem on March 19, 1944. Before the Sirhan family immigrated first to New York, then California, in 1956, the twelve-year-old boy had already witnessed a great amount of bloodshed and bodies torn by bombs in the guerrilla war between Israel and Palestine. After a year in America, Bishara deserted his family and returned to Palestine, but Mary Sirhan and her other children all got jobs and remained in California. Growing to a height of only five feet five and weighing 120 pounds, Sirhan for a time aspired to become a jockey but concluded that he didn’t have the nerve such an occupation required.

As an Arab Christian, Sirhan found no appeal in Islamic militancy, but he was devastated when one of his heroes, the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the armies of Egypt and several other Arab countries were easily defeated by Israel in the war that began on June 5, 1967, and ended on June 10. It was at this time that Sirhan found solace in the occult. He managed to get a part-time job at a Pasadena occult bookstore and while there read all the books on self-hypnotism, astral projection, and mind control that he could not afford to buy. In May 1968 he joined the Rosicrucians, an occult order that claims to be connected to the ancient priests of Egypt and the mystical society formed by Christian Rosenkreuz in Germany circa 1460.

Sirhan also began to write in his journal that he wanted to kill Robert F. Kennedy and that his death had become an obsession with him. Apparently his motive was to assassinate RFK before he could become president and send bombers and other assistance to Israel.

Sirhan’s defense team, all of whom took the case pro bono, was headed by Grant Cooper and Russell Parsons. Emile Zola Berman was added the day before trial began because Cooper felt having a Jew join the team might deflect some of the political overtones. Sirhan was not pleased with his attorneys’ defense on grounds of “diminished mental capacity.”

When Sirhan took the stand, he told the courtroom how much he had loved President John Kennedy. Furthermore, he said that he had absolutely no memory of killing JFK’s brother, but he remembered that he had been angry with the younger Kennedy’s breaking his promise to give the Arabs back their home in Israel. Questioned repeatedly, Sirhan denied ever wanting to kill Robert Kennedy. He said that he did not recognize the journal that the prosecution claimed was his or recall ever writing about a plan to kill RFK. As the prosecution continued its case, Sirhan conceded that he must have killed Robert Kennedy, but he had no knowledge of doing so.

A parade of psychiatrists pronounced Sirhan to be suffering from “paranoid psychosis,” acting in a dissociated state, even killing Kennedy out of a repressed Oedipus complex. Dr. Bernard Diamond testified that he had hypnotized Sirhan several times, and he concluded that Sirhan had likely hypnotized himself and created self-induced trances that led to the assassination. During Sirhan’s Rosicrucian and self-hypnosis experiments, he had gradually been programming himself to kill RFK.

On April 17, 1969, Sirhan was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to death in the gas chamber. In 1972 California abolished the death penalty, and Sirhan is now in Corcoran State Prison, where he still insists that he was but a dupe for mysterious individuals who hypnotized, drugged, and programmed him to kill Senator Kennedy.

Some conspiracy theorists have made much out of a brief conversation that Sirhan had with a ghostlike girl in a polka-dot dress shortly before he shot Kennedy, and they have constructed elaborate plots involving several shooters in addition to Sirhan. Some contend that organized crime was behind the assassination. As a Senate Rackets Committee attorney and as attorney general, RFK had certainly infuriated plenty of mob bosses. And then there are theories that Arab terrorists conditioned Sirhan to be their hit man in getting revenge against Kennedy for his indifference to the Palestinians’ plight.

Or could the CIA have exploited Sirhan’s fascination with the occult and incorporated mysticism with one of their mind-control experiments? There are some conspiracy researchers who have traced the true origins of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA back to the occult societies of Nazi Germany and the early techniques of mind control developed by secret societies and fraternities linked to the New World Order.

Overlooked in the horror of Robert Kennedy’s death was a familiar ritualistic element. A few feet from where Kennedy fell after being struck by the bullets from Sirhan’s revolver was a large ice cabinet. Scrawled in crayon upon the front of the box was the inscription “The Once and Future King.” Although the phrase was never publicly explained, conspiracy researchers know that such shibboleths have been used along with certain ritualistic symbols in other occult-motivated murders. The words do not refer to King Arthur and his magical days at Camelot or JFK and his appropriation of Camelot to describe his modern court. Rather, the inscription heralds the handiwork of Satan, who, in the eyes of his minions both mortal and immortal, is the “once and future king” of Earth, the god worshipped by the New World Order.

Sirhan Sirhan appeared to be in a state of tranquility following the shooting. The enormity of the deed failed to penetrate his consciousness. Author George Plimpton was one of those people in the Ambassador kitchen on the night of June 5, 1968, struggling to disarm Sirhan. Plimpton recalled, as did so many other witnesses to the shooting, that Sirhan had “enormously peaceful eyes.” Others wondered if the assassin had been hypnotized or drugged.

After his arraignment, Sirhan calmly asked his jailers to bring him a copy of Madame Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine. It has been said that Jacson, the axe-wielding assassin of Leon Trotsky, the defrocked leader of the Russian revolution, contented himself during his twenty years in a Mexican prison by reading from his worn, well-marked copy of Madame Blavatsky’s tome. Jacson (alias Frank Jackson, the assumed identity of Jaime Ramon Mercader del Rio Hernandez) remains one of the most mysterious figures in the ignominious annals of assassins. The Stalinists always stoutly denied any political motivation for the crime, and Jacson himself, when questioned about the grisly deed, never confessed to working for Stalin’s secret service. While imprisoned, Jacson displayed an incredible array of mental skills and memory feats. He could decipher codes in a matter of minutes and remember long sequences of numbers, words in foreign languages, and nonsense syllables. Although his physical senses were judged to be hypersensitive, when Jacson’s pain threshold was tested, he could achieve seemingly superhuman feats. It seems apparent that the New World Order has been effectively selecting its assassins for years.

General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s chief of intelligence against Russia, was pulled out of the defeated German ranks by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in 1945 and taken to Washington to help William “Wild Bill” Donovan and Allen Dulles shape the Office of Central Intelligence, the future CIA. General Gehlen also brought papers detailing Dr. Josef Mengele’s research in genetic engineering and behavior modification, as well as the experiments carried out at Dachau with prisoners placed under hypnosis and hallucinogenic drugs such as mescaline. The Nazi research inspired MK-ULTRA, a CIA program that followed the efforts of Project Chatter, created in response to the Soviet’s supposed success with “truth drugs,” Project Bluebird, fashioned to discover mind-control methods, and Project Artichoke, designed to utilize hypnosis and drugs as tools that would enable agents to resist interrogation.

Then there was Project Spellbinder. Although it was officially abandoned in 1964, various German doctors, veterans of the concentration camps, and shadow government operatives continued to develop this program, which was established to create “sleeper assassins” in the style of a “Manchurian Candidate,” an assassin who has been programmed to kill upon receiving a key word or phrase while in a posthypnotic trance. Drawing upon their own background with occult secret societies, the “Spellbinders” conducted a satanic ritual while they were programming a subject to become an assassin. The goal of the ritual was to attach a demon or a group of demons to the entranced subject. The skeptic might say that the programmers were compartmentalizing the subject’s mind into multiple personalities to reinforce the command to kill. In either event, the programmed assassin would believe that he was possessed by a demon or by a spirit who was guiding him and ordering him to kill. Norma Lee Browning of the Chicago Tribune learned that before Sirhan Sirhan’s trial began, his defense team was considering arguing that he had been possessed by the spirit of an Arab terrorist.

As Sirhan went through his Rosicrucian programming and worked at the occult bookstore, it would have been a simple matter for Spellbinder agents to contact him, make friends with him, and invite him to participate in their metaphysical studies. And once Sirhan had attended a number of meetings and been conditioned to assassinate Kennedy, all memory of his having attended the sessions would be erased from his mind.

According to conspiracy researchers, during the satanic ritual employed with the process of hypnotic conditioning and the occasional use of LSD, Sirhan would have come to consider himself the slave of the programmer, who would have the status of “master” or “god.” During his interrogation by the police, Sirhan mentioned the Illuminati three times and referred to “Master Kuthumi.” Kuthumi (or Koot Hoomi) was Madame Blavatsky’s spirit teacher, but Sirhan’s programmer may also have assumed this identity during the conditioning process.

Some investigators theorize that the key or “trigger” phrase for Sirhan may have been port wine, since these words are scrawled numerous times in his journal along with “RFK must be assassinated,” written over and over until it fills the page. It was learned that Sirhan used candles and mirrors during his personal experiments with self-hypnosis. Spellbinder would soon have acquired this information and used it in their own programming sessions.

On the fateful night of June 6, 1968, Sirhan would have crossed the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel, with its bright lights and mirrors, entered the kitchen, heard an agent, perhaps disguised as a waiter, shout, “Port wine!” and pulled the trigger of his .22 revolver eight times, assassinating Robert F. Kennedy precisely as planned.

In March 2011, Sirhan Sirhan, sixty-seven and serving life in prison, was denied parole because, according to the panel hearing such requests, he had not displayed sufficient remorse for the murder of Robert Kennedy. Interestingly, Sirhan’s lawyers, William F. Pepper and Laurie Dusek, attempted to have new evidence admitted that restated their client’s forty-year-old claim that he had been manipulated by a mysterious young woman in a polka dot dress. Under hypnosis, Sirhan claimed to remember how she had led him into the area where Kennedy would pass and pinched him on the shoulder when the presidential candidate appeared.

Sirhan said that he was fascinated by the young woman’s looks and that she was a “seductress” with whom he was “consumed.” The pinch on the shoulder acted as a trigger mechanism, and under the woman’s spell he believed himself to be on a firing range shooting at targets. He did not realize that he held a gun or that he was shooting at anyone, let alone Robert Kennedy.

In addition to the hypnotic trigger argument, Pepper and Dusek claimed that before Sirhan’s trial, an unidentified person switched a bullet before it was placed in evidence. The bullet was taken from Robert Kennedy’s neck, they said, citing alleged forensic evidence, but it did not match those taken from Sirhan’s revolver.

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