Robert Fawtier

Fawtier, Robert


Born Aug. 23, 1885, in Bône, now Anna-ba, Algeria; died Jan. 21, 1966, in Paris. French historian.

Fawtier was a member of the Academy of Inscriptions (1946) and the National Academy of Lincei (1951) in Italy. He held the post of professor at the universities of Cairo (1926–28), Bordeaux (1928–49), and Paris (1949–58). A historiographer, Fawtier specialized in French medieval history. He was one of the editors and contributors to A History of Medieval French Institutions (vols. 1–3, 1957–62).


Sainte Catherine de Sienne, vols. 1–2. Paris, 1921–30.
Comptes du Trésor (1296, 1316, 1384, 1477). Paris, 1930.
L’Europe occidentale de 1270 à 1380. Paris, 1940.
Les Capétiens et la France. Paris, 1942.
Comptes royaux (1285–1328), vols. 1–4. Paris, 1953–61.
Registres du Trésor des chartes (1285–1328), vols. 1–2. Paris, 1958–66.
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Like Elisabeth Lalou on Robert Fawtier's contribution to the history of Philip's reign, Brown's reflections on the mid-twentieth-century giants of Capetian historiography underlines that '[t] hey wrote the works that shape the questions we investigate and that structure the dimensions and nature of the quest in which we are engaged' (p.
(17) Un punto interesante hecho por Robert Fawtier es que en tanto Francia no tenia una cabeza local de la Iglesia reconocida como capital eclesiastica, la Universidad de Paris le entrego unidad espiritual a la Iglesia francesa, gracias a la preeminencia de su facultad de Teologia, que le daba a Paris un lugar especial a la hora de decidir materias religiosas.
According to Robert Fawtier (The Capetian Kings, London 1964, p.
The book was co-authored by Jeanne Fawtier Stone, his wife, who married Lawrence in 1943 while her father, the very distinguished French medievalist Robert Fawtier, was in a German concentration camp.