Robert Lansing

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Lansing, Robert


Bom Oct. 17, 1864, in Watertown, N.Y.; died Oct. 30, 1928, in Washington, D.C. American diplomat. By education he was a lawyer, a specialist in international law.

From 1915 to 1920, Lansing was US secretary of state. Believing that a victory by Germany in World War I would threaten US interests, he advocated direct participation by the USA in the war against Germany. The Lansing-Ishii Agreement of 1917 was a Japanese-American agreement on China. Lansing took part in the Paris Peace Conference of 1919–20.

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The idea of national self-determination - a phrase "simply loaded with dynamite", as Robert Lansing, former United States president Woodrow Wilson's secretary of state, memorably put it - is a European one.
The idea of national self-determination a phrase"simply loaded with dynamite," as Robert Lansing, Woodrow Wilson's secretary of state, memorably put it is a European one.
Tragically, his pleas and counsel for genuine neutrality and peaceful relations were repeatedly overridden by the prowar, Anglophile globalists in Wilson's inner circle, as exemplified most especially by Colonel Edward Mandell House; Wall Street insiders Bernard Baruch, Henry Morgenthau, Robert Lansing (who would replace Bryan as secretary of state); and Walter Hines Page (the U.S.
In late 1915, then-Secretary of State Robert Lansing recommended creating a Department-led international law enforcement task force to investigate German espionage and passport fraud directed against the United States.
State Department Councillor Robert Lansing, along with members of the Joint Neutrality Board, immediately began dissecting the British decision to find a legal basis--and therefore a legal rebuttal--for it in international law.
He pursued wholly unrealistic efforts at mediation and in December 1916 almost embroiled the country with England until Secretary of State Robert Lansing toned down his proposed note.
The older accounts focused on the leading policymakers--on Wilson, William Jennings Bryan, Robert Lansing, and Colonel Edward House--and on blockades, submarine warfare, and attempted mediation.
Wilson's secretary of State, Robert Lansing, wondered ''what unit has he in mind'' and warned that ''certain phrases'' of Wilson's ''have not been thought out.'' But they resonated.
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