Robert of Brunne

Robert of Brunne:

see Mannyng, RobertMannyng or Manning, Robert,
fl. 1298–1338, English poet, b. Brunne (modern Bourne), Lincolnshire; also called Robert of Brunne. He was a monk in the Gilbertine order.
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However, other texts written at approximately the same period, the anonymous poem Amis and Amiloun and Robert of Brunne's two major works, Handlyng Synne and The story of England, reveal significant differences since Mannying preserves impure graphic rhymes and the forms of WAY with the first element unchanged in spelling; cf.: 10) Yyf [thorn]ou herdyst a fals [thorn]yng or lay[thorn] [thorn]at were spoke ayens [thorn]e fey[thorn] (HS: 563-564) Pers mette, vp-on a day, A pore man, by [thorn]e way..
Furnivall's EETS edition: Robert of Brunne's "Handlyng Synne, "A.D.
Here he introduces himself as Robert of Brunne and that the poem is addressed to 'all the good men of Bourne' and the fellowship of Sempringham.
(or Robert of Brunne, c1264 - c1340) English poet and chronicler, member of a Gilbertine monastery after 1288.