rock and roll

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rock and roll:

see rock musicrock music,
type of music originating in the United States in the mid-1950s and increasingly popular throughout much of the world. Origins of Rock

Essentially hybrid in origin, rock music includes elements of several black and white American music styles: black
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rock and roll

, rock'n'roll
dancing performed to such music, with exaggerated body movements stressing the beat
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Benny Andersson: "Like being inducted into Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame"
They are strung together in a creative urban dialect making this rock'n roll recipe a formidable weapon of peace.
I lazed on my couch and drifted as he sang about forsaking the rock'n roll limelight in favor of home and family, of watching the wheels go round and round and basking in the love for his son, his wife, his age.
Keep an eye out for Bryan Corbett Quartet, one of the UK's most accomplished trumpet players, Dino Baptiste a talented musician who plays in the style of Blues, Boogie Woogie and Rock'n Roll.
When Springsteen first arrived on the scene in the 70s he was heralded as the future of rock'n roll and last night's show did'nt disappoint his fans.
The Midland Jazzers jazeers live on the boundary between jump-jive and rock'n roll, taking things one step further than the likes of King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys.
store is "I love the Creamery, so put another dime in the tip box baby." The song is sung a cappella to the tune of Joan Jett's "I Love Rock'n Roll."
The Hard Rock Hotel offers 650 stylish guest rooms and suites, and 6,000 square feet of meeting space, along with a spectacular pool area complete with an underwater sound system, rare rock'n roll memorabilia, dining options, including the famed Palm Restaurant and the all-new the Kitchen, and attitude to spare.
Rock'n roll was born, and before long Cerwin-Vega woofers were thundering out a new beat.