Rock River

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Rock River,

c.285 mi (460 km) long, rising in SE Wis. and flowing SW through NW Ill. to the Mississippi River near Rock Island. It flows through a fertile farm area. Rockford, Ill., is the chief city on the river. Lake Koshkonong (c.20 sq mi/50 sq km) is a natural widening of the river.
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rock river

[′räk ‚riv·ər]
A very long and narrow rock stream.
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The New Kid My experience with Rock River AR-pattern rifles hasn't involved round counts like my friend's, but they've been just as positive.
Nowadays both the US DEA and FBI use Rock River rifles, and the plant has grown from 1,800 square feet to 50,000.
In addition to the Badger Fund commitment, Rock River Capital Partners has raised $14 million dollars from the local investment community and institutional investors.
The nearby Little Rock River rose rapidly after heavy rain Wednesday and Thursday.
With its Series 70 gun, Rock River has adopted an extended and heavy-duty firing pin spring and a lightweight firing pin to provide increased drop safety while not compromising trigger pull.
The truth is, Rock River Arms (RRA) first got name recognition making quality 1911s, and then got into the AR-15-making business, where it saw even greater success.
The standard model R9 comes in black, with RRA's lightweight extended hand-guard, but Rock River is getting back into the business of offering custom options from the factory.
In the buildup to the state senate passage, there was a firestorm involving the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association (IFMA)--a trade organization formed by Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms and several other Illinois-based manufacturers to promote the industry's interests in 2009.
In the October 2016 issue, Rock River Arms's AR is not quite the "sveltest" AR available!
has purchased Rock River Environmental Services, the Rockford-based garbage hauler that employs about 280 and generates $75 million a year in revenue.
(NYSE: WCN) has completed the acquisition of Rock River Environmental Services, Inc.