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Whole plant is useable. Thin alternate leaves, yellow 5 petal flower. Kidneys, arthritis, sore throat, rheumatism, lymph, tuberculosis, eyewash.
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HOW MUCH: Rock roses cost from pounds 1.99 at garden centres.
This week's online offer is for a collection of Helianthemum (rock roses), buy 12 for pounds 17.98 and receive a further six free.
Plants such as lavender, verbascum and rock roses love gravel too as it provides them with good drainage and keeps their soft, furry leaves up off the soil and drier in wet weather.
TOUGH: Rock roses, thyme HOT CHOICE: Dianthus (Sweet William) BASKING IN IT: Eschscholzia (Californian poppy)
ADRIENNE SAYS: Rock roses are sun-loving evergreen plants ideal for dry walls and banks.
PRETTY rock roses (helianthemum) could bring splashes of colour for less than pounds 14.
Cistus or rock roses are wonderful, especially in sunny, dry spots.