Booster Rocket

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booster rocket

[′büs·tər ‚räk·ət]
(aerospace engineering)
Also known as booster.
A rocket motor, either solid-or liquid-fueled, that assists the normal propulsive system or sustainer engine of a rocket or aeronautical vehicle in some phase of its flight.
A rocket used to set a vehicle in motion before another engine takes over.
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Booster Rocket


an auxiliary rocket engine mounted on an aircraft or missile and used to boost acceleration during launch. Booster rockets have operating times substantially shorter than that of the main engine and high ratios of thrust to the launch weight of the vehicle (for booster rockets on missiles). Solid-propellant rocket engines with up to several tens of kilonewtons of thrust and operating times up to several seconds are usually used as booster rockets; liquid-propellant rocket engines are also used, but rarely. Booster rockets are used for airplanes, high-altitude research rockets, and winged rockets. The engines of the first stages of launch vehicles are often called booster rockets if they are constructed in unit with later stages.

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After every flight, every single one of the 35,000 heat-resistant tiles protecting the shuttle during re-entry into Earth's atmosphere had to be painstakingly inspected for damage and replaced if necessary, alongside the inspection of the RS-25 engines and the refurbishment of the solid-fuel rocket boosters.
These will simulate pieces of external tank foam breaking away during flight and striking various parts of the space shuttle, such as the solid rocket booster.
He also said Tokyo has yet to confirm a report by another Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbun that the North tested a rocket booster for its Taepodong missiles in January.
The test vehicle, containing a solid rocket booster and not the final ram rocket motor, was rail-launched from a ground-based launcher, flew a ballistic trajectory and impacted about nine kilometres down-range.
Rich Oppel, ASNE president and editor of the Austin American-Statesman, told the AP that the program will be like a "rocket booster" to diversity efforts.
Just like America's Voyager space shuttle, the craft will break through the earth's pull with the help of a rocket booster.
Seeking to gain the benefits of redundancy, designers placed two O-rings in the critical rocket booster joint.
In a ( statement released Wednesday, SpaceX said that the company has decided to build and test the Mars spaceship and its rocket booster system in south Texas instead of the originally planned Port of Los Angeles.
Back then, the HS9 solid rocket booster carrying RLV-Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) lifted off from the First Launch Pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.
It will include a small rocket which will ascend on a meteorological balloon to 30km and then fire its rocket booster to launch femtosatellites and small commercial payloads.
In this image released by NASA, the Soyuz-FG rocket booster with Soyuz MS-09 space ship carrying a new crew to the International Space Station, ISS, blasts off at the Russian leased Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Wednesday, June 6, 2018.
The company compiled footage of their failed rocket landings and uploaded it to the internet as a clip titled 'How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster.'