Roebuck, John

Roebuck, John,

1718–94, English physician, chemist, and inventor. He acted as a chemical consultant to local industries in Birmingham and invented the lead chamber process of manufacturing sulfuric acid and a process for producing malleable iron. He was a friend and patron of English engineer James Watt and at one time held a large interest in Watt's steam engine.
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Nasir Jamal is perhaps the most dangerous threat to the Broad Oak batting, while the Oak used a six-pronged attack against Honley last time out, with Booth, France, Roebuck, John Keeling, Daniel Taylor and Cooper all getting a go.
THANKS: Hospice fundraiser Kate Leadbeater, front left, receives pounds 1,086 from event organiser Janet Metcalfe, with looking on, from left, Malcolm MacDonald, Margaret Schofield, Jean Roebuck, John Cook, Madge Shaw and Alison Mettrick (PW120710Fhospice-02)