Roger Lemelin

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Roger Lemelin
BirthplaceQuebec City, Quebec

Lemelin, Roger


Born Apr. 7, 1919, in Quebec. Canadian writer. Writes in French.

At 17, Lemelin worked for a grain merchant and then was a forester and a boxer. The heroes of Lemelin’s novels The Town Below (1944) and The Plouffe Family (1948) are workers and their families, all active, life-loving people. Lemelin’s work treats Philistinism with deep irony and the Catholic Church with severe criticism. The novel In Quest of Splendor (1952) is a psychological study of a young man’s development and a satire on bourgeois politicians. Lemelin stopped publishing in 1952.


In Russian translation:
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Cependant, l'ACS peut aussi donner l'image d'une serie d'associations inoffensives, celles dont se moque par exemple Roger Lemelin dans son roman Au Pied de la pente douce, dont le discours moralisateur confortait les pouvoirs en place et dont les activites et le costume faisaient penser a une nouvelle forme, bien anodine, de scoutisme.
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