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A family of digital media hubs from Roku, Inc., Saratoga, CA ( that streams audio and video from the Internet to the TV. Roku boxes connect to the TV via HDMI and provide access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and a variety of free and paid movie, TV, music, sports and technology "channels." Via Plex software, the personal media libraries on the user's computers can also be streamed to the TV (see Plex). See digital media hub.

Roku Models
The small Roku player (top) comes in HD and 4K models and connects to the home router via Wi-Fi. The Ultra (bottom) connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and has a microSD slot. The remote includes a headphone jack. (Images courtesy of Roku, Inc.)

Streaming Stick
The Roku Streaming Stick plugs into and draws power from the TV's HDMI port and provides the same functions as the bigger boxes. See MHL. (Image courtesy of Roku, Inc.)

A Unique Music Hub
Roku started out with audio hubs in 2002. One of the few non-Apple products that could stream from iTunes playlists, this M2000 had the only music hub readout that could be seen from a distance. Roku later changed focus to video streaming. See iTunes.
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Roku, which known to consumers for technology that facilitates streaming content, will start selling audio products designed to add a "premium sound" experience, the company said in a press release.
It has the same capability as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and more, as well as access to the company's free proprietary Roku Channel service.
The Roku Channel is adding a new 'Kids & Family' section.
In an unintended consequence of the U.S.-China trade dispute, the North American television market has increased its adoption of smart TVs--particularly those based on the Roku TV operating system (OS).
"We are so excited to be partnering with Roku on this project, to ring in our 9th year in business," said Michael Stover, President of MTS.
Now there is one place on the Roku platform where users can seamlessly access both free and premium entertainment, with one click sign-up, easy subscription management and a single monthly bill, said Rob Holmes, Roku Vice President, Programming and Engagement.
Roku pioneered streaming to the TV, connecting users to streaming content, enabling content publishers to build and monetize large audiences, and providing advertisers with unique capabilities to engage consumers.
The Roku mobile app, available for iOS[R] and Android, acts as a remote, streams media from a mobile device to the TV, includes a keyboard and offers features like voice search and private listening.
The amount of time people spend actually using Roku's devices is immensely important, because the company generates nearly half of its revenue with its quickly growing platform business, which consists of advertising, subscription commissions and licensing deals.
With the Roku Powered licensing program telco operators such as Globe can launch internet-delivered TV services quickly by leveraging our powerful streaming platform,' said Andrew Ferrone, vice president of pay TV at Roku.
Roku technical support phone number Call toll free 1-844-600-1933
The number of shares to be offered, and the price range for the proposed offering, have not yet been determined by Roku.