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people: see RomaniRomani
or Romany
, people known historically in English as Gypsies and their language.

1 A traditionally nomadic people with particular folkways and a unique language, found on every continent; they are sometimes also called Roma, from the name of a major
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Tens of thousands of Roma were killed in the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp, and one of the most tragic episodes occurred on the night of August 2 and 3, 1944, when the last group of 2,897 Roma were killed by the Nazis.
The World Bank report "Breaking the Cycle of Roma Exclusion in the Western Balkans", published in March 2019, explains how Roma face multiple barriers and constraints that hinder their ability to amass human capital, participate in the labor market on an equal basis, and benefit economically.
I feel that despite the words of Pope Francis, Roma are at the margins, not the centre.I appreciate that most of the votes I received came from the majority.
In 1971, the World Roma Congress was held for the first time in London with the participation of Roma representatives from all continents and the Government of India.
The first written record of the Roma population presence in Croatia dates back to the year 1362, but Roma's first recognition as one of 22 national minorities was noted in the Amendments to the Constitution of Croatia only in 2010 (Croatian Parliament, 2010).
society (including Roma activists), staff, and other international
131/1995) brought a small hope amongst Roma's communities.
In all Europe, the Roma's and nomad's average life expectancy is lower than the others'.
But that aggregate defeat in the Cup will have hurt Totti and Co and that could be the driving force behind a victory for Roma and potentially the perfect send-off for their iconic skipper.
This volume examines the history of the classification of the Roma people.
"There are a few priests and nuns from the Roma community now, and some seminarians in training.