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town (1990 pop. 78,749), NE Romania, in Moldavia, at the confluence of the Prut and Siretul rivers. Sugar refining and the manufacture of building materials are the chief industries. The town was founded in the late 14th cent. by the ruling prince of Moldavia.


see typetype,
for printing, was invented in China (c.1040), using woodblocks. Related devices, such as seals and stamps for making impressions in clay, had been used in ancient times in Babylon and elsewhere.
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a city in northeastern Rumania, on the Moldova River at its influx into the Siret River, in Neamţ District. Population, 46,700 (1973). Roman has a steel pipe plant, as well as machine building and food-processing industry (sugar and vegetable oil). Building materials are also produced.


a metrical narrative in medieval French literature derived from the chansons de geste


1. of or relating to Rome or its inhabitants in ancient or modern times
2. of or relating to Roman Catholicism or the Roman Catholic Church
3. denoting, relating to, or having the style of architecture used by the ancient Romans, characterized by large-scale masonry domes, barrel vaults, and semicircular arches
4. a citizen or inhabitant of ancient or modern Rome
5. Informal short for Roman Catholic
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The sheer scale and organisation of the Roman Army is intriguing and through his stories and bag of artefacts Thrax was able to bring the Roman world to life for us, with plenty of connections to modern life.
13, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported on a secret video recording that Natural State Agronomics, owned by Ken Shollmier, made of a March meeting between him and Roman. Shollmier said he recorded the meeting to try to catch Roman soliciting a bribe from him.
'We just expected to hear the normal things - this is the size of the head, this is the size of his feet, all those fun things,' Whitney Dinkel, Roman's mother, was quoted as saying.
Outside on the ruins, two pupils signed up to the Roman army and tried on suits of armour.
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Alongside the exhibition, there'll be dramatic demonstrations of cavalrymen and their horses in action, hands-on family activities and - at English Heritage's Chesters Roman Fort and Museum - a specially commissioned piece of contemporary art titled Cavalry 360deg.
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Beard notes that the most extraordinary fact about Roman culture is that so much of what they wrote still survives.
Recent work since 2007 by the HDAS concentrated on the civilian settlement area or vicus to the north of the fort and this has made discoveries that prove that Roman activity in the area went on until the 3rd century or later.
The new walking Roman Trail, launched earlier this year, is available in a fold-out information sheet or as an excellent digital guide on a smartphone.
Building remains were first uncovered in 1880 by the amateur archaeologist Joseph Robinson but the team, led by Ian Haynes, from the ( University of Newcastle , excavating the site in 2013 was able to confirm the building was an ancient Roman temple.
ARCHEOLOGISTS will follow a buried Roman road in the hope they will find an ancient fort.