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town (1990 pop. 78,749), NE Romania, in Moldavia, at the confluence of the Prut and Siretul rivers. Sugar refining and the manufacture of building materials are the chief industries. The town was founded in the late 14th cent. by the ruling prince of Moldavia.


see typetype,
for printing, was invented in China (c.1040), using woodblocks. Related devices, such as seals and stamps for making impressions in clay, had been used in ancient times in Babylon and elsewhere.
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a city in northeastern Rumania, on the Moldova River at its influx into the Siret River, in Neamţ District. Population, 46,700 (1973). Roman has a steel pipe plant, as well as machine building and food-processing industry (sugar and vegetable oil). Building materials are also produced.


a metrical narrative in medieval French literature derived from the chansons de geste


1. of or relating to Rome or its inhabitants in ancient or modern times
2. of or relating to Roman Catholicism or the Roman Catholic Church
3. denoting, relating to, or having the style of architecture used by the ancient Romans, characterized by large-scale masonry domes, barrel vaults, and semicircular arches
4. a citizen or inhabitant of ancient or modern Rome
5. Informal short for Roman Catholic
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The reader, at this point, will emerge with a rich picture of the private sides of both Romanes and Darwin.
C'est a cette epoque qu'apparaissent les langues romanes, et donc les litteratures dont elles sont le vehicule.
Similarly the piriformis (Hollinshead, 1969, Moore, 1985; Romanes, 1964; Testut, 1899; Williams et al.
apres le dire declaratif l'iniinitif n'exprime pas la finalite, et cependant dans les langues romanes il prend sporadiquement un infinitii complement, comme dans prt.
Romanes, who had no children, was the majority shareholder and managing director of Dunfermline Press.
Romanes was a founding member of the Scottish Motor Racing Club and last year received an award, named after racing legend Jackie Stewart, to mark nearly 50 years as a member.
Contract notice: Cleaning Services Contract for The Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre.
This consultation relates to the selection of beneficiaries which will be presented in competition for services of general governance, construction equipment, pyrotechnics and stage for Nuits Romanes 2014.
A facut parte din colectivul de redactare a primei Legi a Sanatatii Mintale din Romania, a fost coautor al Tratatului de Sanatate Mintala, a fost membru fondator al Ligii Romane de Sanatate Mintala si al ONG ALIAT, a fost animator si secretar al Asociatiei Romane de Psihiatre si coeditor al "Revistei Nationale de Psihiatrie" ("Revista Romana de Psihiatrie"), seria III, incepand cu 1999 si pana in 2009, precum si principal autor al Programului National de Sanatate Mintala al Ministerului Sanatatii, document oficial solicitat de Uniunea Europeana in faza de preaderare a Romaniei la UE.
Inainte de 1989, multe lucrari de istorie a bisericii ortodoxe romane, ca si cele ce vizau aspecte institutionale ale evolutiei bisericii catolice, au abordat dialogul interreligios intr-o maniera dogmatica, prezentand unitatia si demersul istoric al greco-catolicilor de pe pozitii unilaterale, alte lucrari isi polarizeaza atentia pe prozelitism, iar o alta categorie, poate cea mai insemnata, neglijeaza un aspect esential si anume, prezentarea intr-o maniera obiectiva a aproape trei sute de ani din Istoria Transilvaniei.
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