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a school of 16th-century Netherlandish art. Representatives of the movement included the following painters and engravers: Jan Gossaert (the founder of romanism), Barnaert van Orley, Maerten van Heemskerck, Jan van Scorel, Frans Floris, and Lucas van Leyden.

Influenced by the art of the Italian Renaissance, the roman-ists used subjects (classical mythology, nudes) and renderings of anatomy and perspective that were new to Netherlandish art. They strengthened humanist tendencies in art but, unable to combine Italian Renaissance and Old Dutch traditions organically, often succumbed to eclecticism.


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In the scheme of things, Alexander's complaints pale in comparison to, for instance, the charges levied against the Democratic Party during the 1884 presidential election (then, Dems were the party of "Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion").
Wright insists that her stories are based "firmly on facts" (1868, 3) and that, with Romanism, "one need not deal in fiction" (1870, 5).
This sunny view would have come as a surprise to Catholic immigrants, the chief target of the Know-Nothings' illiberal crusade for "War to the hilt, on political Romanism.
In New York City, the Protestant Association held public discussions for the stated purpose, to "drive Romanism from America," while in Philadelphia, Reverend John Breckenridge challenged his Catholic counterpart, Reverend John Hughes, to debate the topic, "Is the Protestant Religion the Religion of Christ?
had frequent and long conversations on Romanism and it seems that our friends made a beautiful Temple of the Ugly Cavern full of half-hidden pits which Keenan's Catechism (42) pictures to us.
Carlton used his fictionalised account to promulgate his belief in the social and political dangers of Romanism.
By insisting that Catholics targeted the weakest members of American society--the weak, the elderly, women, and children--anti-Catholics sought to galvanize Protestant men into defending their country from the corrosive effects of Romanism.
Burchard, Hogarth was a denouncer of rum, Romanism, and rebellion.
She then gives her attention to the emergence of tempered modernism as a phenomenon, seeing its origins partly in such long-forgotten movements in French literature as Romanism and Naturism, and partly in the tendency of late symbolists such as Albert Samain and Henri de Regnier to diminish the role of the poetic self and prefer the concrete to the abstract.
About the Blaine Amendment they write, "Blaine's anti-Catholicism is well established, and his pillory of the Democrats as the party of 'Rum, Romanism and Rebellion' may have cost him the 1884 presidential race.