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, generic name for several related dialects of the Romance group of the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Romance languages). These dialects are now considered sufficiently similar to form a single unit in the Romance group.
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Here, 'What's Up', in Romansch, tops one tree; 'Fuck Off' on a cast of antlers from a deer that his father had shot.
65) In the western Swiss Alps, Romansch speakers used America as a nickname for fields that were worn out or unfertile, influenced by the reports in emigrants' letters of finding such conditions on their own newly purchased lands.
And Romansch, spoken only in Graubunden, has fewer speakers than ever.
In more remote parts of the Engadine valley, and particularly in spas, it's a good idea to brush up on a few key German phrases (high German is understood everywhere, regardless of the region) and perhaps even a little French, Italian or, if you're feeling adventurous, Romansch.
The German, French, Italian, and Romansch valleys of mountainous Switzerland provide an ideal setting for such a federation.
Switzerland prints elementary school textbooks for its one per cent Romansch minority in five different dialects.
He is the most translated author in the world with works appearing in Esperanto, Basque, Romansch, Gaelic and Welsh.
Claude Le Jeune's Cent cinquante pseaumes de David was first published in 1601, the year after the composer's death, and the appearance of numerous re-editions and translations into Dutch, German, and even Romansch in the next two centuries suggests that Le Jeune's settings of the Genevan melodies met with considerable success.
in the broadly `Latin' zone the Romansch vernacular was recognised as a separate official language in 1938 - partly to signal to Mussolini that Switzerland was a true nation with its own language and culture and could not be tidily partitioned between France, Germany and Italy.
These languages include: Asturian Faroese Papago Shona Aymara Frisian Provencal Sorbian Bemba Inuktitut Romany Swazi Blackfoot Kongo Romansch Tongan Cebuano Maori Ruanda Chamorro Maya Samoan Cornish Nahuatl Sepedi
It is the legacy of 13'h-century settlers from Valais who created this German-speaking enclave in a Romansch territory.
Language German, French, Italian, Romansch (all official), Serbo Croatian, Albanian, Portuguese, Spanish and English