Romero, José Rubén

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Romero, José Rubén


Born Sept. 25, 1890, in Cotija de la Paz, in the state of Michoacán; died July 4, 1952, in Mexico City. Mexican writer.

Most of Romero’s novels depict provincial life in Mexico during and after the Mexican Revolution (1910–17); they include Notes of a Villager (1932), Rout (1933), My Horse, My Dog, and My Rifle (1936), and The Futile Life of Pito Pérez (1938; Russian translation, 1965). These novels are to a great extent autobiographical, as are his works Outstripping Death (1939), I Once Became Rich (1942), and Rosenda (1946). Romero’s prose is marked by irony and bitter humor.


Obras completas. Mexico City, 1957.


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