Röntgen ray

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Röntgen ray:

see X rayX ray,
invisible, highly penetrating electromagnetic radiation of much shorter wavelength (higher frequency) than visible light. The wavelength range for X rays is from about 10−8 m to about 10−11
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In 1903 he became editor of Archives of the Rontgen Ray, the indirect precursor of Clinical Radiology.
In some languages, the rays are referred to as Rontgen rays. X-rays led to significant advances in a number of fields, most notably in medicine, where they allowed doctors to see inside the body without surgery.
It was named as a tribute to the legendary gem scholar and buyer for Tiffany & Co at the turn of the century, George F Kunz (1856-1932), and shimmers strongly under Rontgen rays and is phosphorescent under ultra-violet rays too.