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Rookwood pottery,

American artware. Made in Cincinnati by one of the earliest American pottery firms (est. 1880), it achieved an international reputation. The ware exhibits a range of full, rich colors and textures and superior glazes, both mat and lustrous. In addition to the usual potter's mark, each piece is signed individually by the artist who modeled or painted it.
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CINCINNATI, July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Dormant for over forty years, The Rookwood Pottery Company, one of Cincinnati's most endearing brands, is being resurrected.
The Rookwood Pottery Company has long been an important part of Cincinnati's history.
The Rookwood Pottery Company will bring back to life a wonderful piece of Cincinnati history, for the present and for the future," noted Mr.
Using these assets and following in the original Rookwood Company's standards of innovation, creativity and an extraordinary attention to detail, The Rookwood Pottery Company will offer a range of art, lifestyle and architectural products, all of which will carry the Rookwood trademark.
After an unpromising apprenticeship at something called the Arnold Fairyland Doll Store, he hooked up with one of the leading studios in the country, Rookwood Pottery Company.
Twachtman, regarded as the finest American Impressionist; Thomas Worthington Whittredge, a leading American landscape painter of the 19th century; Lilly Martin Spencer, the most celebrated female painter of her time; and decorative arts from the internationally renowned Rookwood Pottery Company.