Roosevelt Dam

Roosevelt Dam:

see Salt River valleySalt River valley,
irrigated region around the lower course of the Salt River, which rises in mountain streams near the Mogollon Rim of the Mogollon Plateau and flows southwest to join the Gila River in S central Arizona. Phoenix is the main city of the latter Ariz. region.
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But I have said in the past that things like a generational project, like we've seen with Roosevelt Dam, the Central Arizona Project, those are things that are in our future.
The CAP is defined to include a 336-mile aqueduct, the New Waddell Dam, modified Roosevelt Dam and the USBR's 24.3% share, or 547 megawatts (MW), of the Navajo Generating Station (NGS).
The agreement encompasses Theodore Roosevelt Dam along with the six other dams on the Salt and Verde rivers which today is the cornerstone in storing more than two-thirds of SRPs water supply and delivering water to the nations fifth-largest metropolitan area.
They designed the Roosevelt Dam in Arizona to prove that American dams could "do more for the advancement of humankind than European dams" (101).
Keep trekking north for weeks, and the trail would take you past cliff dwellings (at Tonto and Walnut Canyon National Monuments), eye-popping history (the Roosevelt Dam), and even the Grand Canyon.
With a growing population fueled by the construction of the Roosevelt Dam and the Eastern and Consolidated canals in 1911, Gilbert kept its reputation as the "Hay Capital of the World" well into the late 1920s.
To illustrate the supposed ease with which our enemies could subvert a dam, The Washington Post's June story on al Qaeda cyberterrorism related an anecdote about a 12-year-old who hacked into the SCADA system at Arizona's Theodore Roosevelt Dam in 1998, and was, the article intimated, within mere keystrokes of unleashing millions of gallons of water upon helpless downstream communities.
The road is gravel from Tortilla Flat to Roosevelt Dam. The descent on Fish Creek Hill to Fish Creek Canyon is exhilarating and breathtaking on a narrow road with pull-outs to allow oncoming vehicles to pass.
The Roosevelt Dam on the Salt R., Ariz., was completed at a cost of $3,890,000.
They succeeded, for example, in making Phoenix the Maricopa County seat and later the territorial capital, in increasing the amount of available water by an improved canal system and then encouraging the federal government to build Roosevelt Dam, and in linking their city to the rest of the nation via a railroad connection.
Flakes opening statement focused on several Arizona water priorities including securing Arizonas Colorado River supplies and storing additional water in existing projects such as Roosevelt Dam. Flake also highlighted the importance of ensuring local input on new water projects, encouraging judicious water through state and local policies, and streamlining permitting processes, and fostering regulatory predictability.
They formed the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association and lobbied to build Theodore Roosevelt Dam northeast of town.

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