Hendrik Willem Bakhuis Roozeboom

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Roozeboom, Hendrik Willem Bakhuis


Born Oct. 24, 1854, in Alkmaar; died Feb. 8, 1907, in Amsterdam. Dutch Physical Chemist.

Roozeboom studied at the University of Leiden and began working there in 1878. In 1896 he became a professor at the University of Amsterdam. His main works were devoted to heterogeneous equilibriums in one-, two-, and three-component systems from the point of view of the phase rule, particularly equilibriums in water-salt systems (H2O—CaCl2, H2O—FeCl3, H2O—Na2SO4—MgSO4). Roozeboom established the Roozeboom rules and was the first to correlate experimental data on iron-carbon alloys in the phase diagram of the Fe—C system, known as Roozeboom’s diagram (1900). These investigations laid the foundation for the application of the theory of heterogeneous equilibriums to such fields as chemistry, chemical engineering, mineralogy, and metallurgy.


Die heterogenen Gleichgewichte vom Standpunkte der Phasenlehre, parts 1–3. Braunschweig, 1901–18. (Publication not completed.)


Stortenbeker, W. “Hendryk Guillaum Bakhuis.” Recueil des travaux chimiques des Pays-Bas, 1908, vol. 27, pp. 360–410. (Contains a list of works by Roozeboom.)
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