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a name for the Eastern Slavic tribes that is found in the works of Byzantine and Arab authors.



(also called Rosa or Rus), a river in the Ukrainian SSR, a right tributary of the Dnieper. It is 346 km long and drains an area of 12,600 sq km. Originating on the Dnieper Upland, the Ros’ empties into the Kremenchug Reservoir. The river is fed primarily by snow. There is high water in March and April. The mean flow rate 65 km from the mouth is 22.5 cu m per sec. The Ros’ usually freezes in November or December; sometimes it freezes in January. The ice breaks up between late February and early April. The river is navigable for 60 km from the mouth. The Steblev and Korsun’-Shevchenkovskii hydroelectric power plants and the cities of Belaia Tserkov’, Boguslav, and Korsun’-Shevchenkovskii are situated on the Ros’.

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'Different interpretations of various messages - ROS is just one of many - probably evolved as a sort of 'bet-hedging',' she adds.
Show Cause Orders (SCOs) were also served, directing the ROs to explain in writing and under oath; their early implementation of the second tranche and to submit all the supporting documents that would substantiate the validity of the imposition.
Mitochondria are the major source of the generation of ROS, mainly superoxide due to malfunctioning of electron transport chain, later on reduced to hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals.
The ROs and AROs have been appointed for NA-55 to NA-67 including two constituencies of
In Sindh, 27 district and sessions judges have been appointed as DROs, while 61 additional district and sessions judges or senior civil judges have been appointed as ROs and civil judges have been appointed as ROs for 130 provincial assembly seats.
Elections for 297 provincial assembly seats will be supervised by 297 senior civil judges as ROs.
Over the past two years, Ros has helped transform the Motor Vehicle Traineeship at ACT: 96% of learners progress to further learning or employment where nationally a 90% progression is classed as excellent.
A hithau'n diwtor arweiniol cerbydau modur gydag ACT Training yng Nghaerdydd, mae Ros yn rhan o dim sy'n llywio ac yn cyflenwi Hyfforddeiaethau Cerbydau Modur Lefel 1 ac Ymgysylltu ar 10 safle ledled de Cymru, mewn dwy garej go iawn yn bennaf.
Treating frac water with DW Liquid ROS (JC series of products) before reinjection precipitates metals, eliminates hydrogen sulfide, kills bacteria, dissolves biofilm, and separates oil as a recoverable by-product - reducing the contaminates that could possibly enter the drinking water supply.
The traditional concept widely accepts that the chemotaxis of leukocytes to the wound site successively follows the activation of hemostasis after injury, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) are mainly produced by leukocytes through "respiratory burst" for disinfection and debridement.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Some studies are showing that reactive oxygen species (ROS) molecules sometimes can aid in maintaining health -- findings now boosted by a surprising discovery from the researchers.
Editor Ahmad compiles this volume on reactive oxygen species (ROS) in medicine, presented in seven sections.