Rose Oil

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rose oil

[′rōz ‚ȯil]
Transparent, combustible, yellow-to-green or red essential oil with fragrant scent and sweet taste; solidifies at 18-37°C; steam-distilled from rose flowers; used in flavors, perfumes, and medicines. Also known as attar of roses; otto of rose oil; rose flower oil.

Rose Oil


(also attar of roses), an essential oil extracted from rose petals, chiefly by steam distillation. It is a thick (transparent at 30°C), yellowish liquid with an odor of roses. Density, 0.950–0.990 g/cm3 (20°C). Rose oil has more than 200 constituents, including phenylethyl alcohol, the terpene alcohols citro-nellol, nerol, geraniol, and linalool, the ethers of these alcohols, and aliphatic aldehydes. Stearoptenes (basically paraffins) make up that part of rose oil (~5 percent) that is insoluble in alcohol under normal conditions. Rose oil is used primarily in the manufacture of high-grade perfume and cologne.

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