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Rosemary's Baby (movie)

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1968 movie produced by William Castle and directed by Roman Polanski. It starred Mia Farrow as Rosemary Woodhouse, John Cassavetes as her husband Guy, Sidney Blackmer as neighbor Roman Castavet, and Ruth Gordon as his wife Minnie. The two couples are neighbors in a New York City apartment building. The elderly Castavets seem very eccentric but spend a lot of time with the younger couple. Guy lands a leading role in a Broadway production, and shortly thereafter, Rosemary finds she is pregnant. Rosemary is concerned because Minnie has been forcing her homemade chocolate mousse on her, and she feels it was responsible for a nightmare she had about being raped by a beast.

Guy grows closer to the older couple while Rosemary seems more and more isolated. Eventually it is revealed that the Castavets are Satanists (incorrectly termed "witches" in both the movie and the Ira Levin book on which it was based). Rosemary is told that her child died at birth, but she suspects it has been taken by the Castavets. When she hears the baby's cries during the night, she invades her neighbors' apartment to find all the "witches," including her husband, there with the child. She learns that the baby she had was fathered by the Devil; her nightmare was reality. Her husband's success was directly related to her production of the Satanic Messiah.

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Rosemary’s baby

through witchcraft, child born with horns and tail. [Am. Lit.: Rosemary’s Baby]
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