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Rosenberg has been focused on helping businesses to streamline business functions and implement technologies for over twenty years.
When it comes to practice management benchmarking surveys, Rosenberg is a household name.
Although Rosenberg received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1945, the first woman ever to be so honored, students of the Roosevelt years have been "remarkably silent" about her World War II activities (Jones-Branch 2011, 143).
Soft spoken, frequently self-deprecating and respected by fellow lawmakers of both parties, the 65-year-old Rosenberg has quietly cemented a reputation as a consensus builder who prefers compromise over confrontation and long-term policy solutions over quick legislative fixes.
Sam's just really precocious," said Len Schvaneveldt, manager of Hutch's Bicycle Store, the team for which Rosenberg rides.
Perth Sheriff Court heard married Rosenberg sat next to the woman on the service from Glasgow to Inverness and rubbed his buttocks against her.
His wife of 57 years, Frieda (Hummel) Rosenberg died in 2004.
As an Orthodox Jew, and a rabbi at that, it was not befitting for Rosenberg to be writing fiction.
Creating good relationships is especially important for the design, engineering, and construction industries," said Rosenberg.
There is this certain stigma about foster care that gets in the way of foster care adoptions,'' said Jill Rosenberg, an adoption coordinator for Inner Circle foster care adoption agency.
s conservative circles (he did a stint reporting for The Limbaugh Letter), Rosenberg ventured into fiction writing and succeeded with a series of novels that dramatized the conflict between Muslim terrorists, Middle Eastern despots, and a steel-spined U.