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a city in Shatura Raion, Moscow Oblast, RSFSR, located on the Voimega River, 17 km northwest of the Cherusti railroad junction on the Moscow-Kazan line and 125 km east of Moscow. Roshal’ has a chemical combine and a chemical-technology technicum. The city was named after S. G. Roshal’.

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The Commerce stream toppers are Athul Roshal Kumar P and Sheen Sara Symon with 94.60% Thirteen students got A1 grade in all the five subjects.
In the Commerce stream, Athul Roshal Kumar P and Sheen Sara Symon from Birla Public School topped with 94.60 % while Samar Gafoor from Ideal Indian School topped the Humanities stream with 96%.
The Lazarsfeld-Stanton Program Analyzer inspired the creation of several other real-time response--or continuous response measurement--technologies, including the Cirlin Reactograph (Cirlin & Peterman, 1947), the Hopkins Televote Machine (Fisk, 1948), the Film Analyzer (Carpenter, John, Cannon & Roshal, 1950), and, later, the Program Evaluation Analysis Computer (Nickerson, 1979).
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