Rosin, Samuil Izrailevich

Rosin, Samuil Izrailevich


Born Aug. 14, 1890, In The Village Of Shumiachi, Now In Smolensk Oblast; Died October 1941. Soviet Jewish Poet.

Rosin worked as a painter and tinsmith. Beginning in 1921 he lived in Moscow. He fought in the Great Patriotic War (1941–45) and died in battle near Moscow. Rosin wrote the collection of verse for children Grandmother’s Tales (1918) and the collections of poems and narrative poems The Shells (1921), To All of Us (1929), The Harvest (1935), and Being in Love (1938). In 1941 he published the trilogy in verse Faithfulness, about the heroic Iskra workers.


Geklibene werk. Moscow, 1936.
In Russian translation:
Izbrannoe. [Foreword by A. Kushnirov.] Moscow, 1958.


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