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1. Diana. born 1944, US singer: lead vocalist (1961--69) with Motown group the Supremes, whose hits include "Baby Love" (1964). Her subsequent recordings include Lady Sings the Blues (film soundtrack, 1972), and Chain Reaction (1986)
2. Sir James Clark. 1800--62, British naval officer; explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic. He located the north magnetic pole (1831) and discovered the Ross Sea during an Antarctic voyage (1839--43)
3. his uncle, Sir John. 1777--1856, Scottish naval officer and Arctic explorer
4. Sir Ronald. 1857--1932, English bacteriologist, who discovered the transmission of malaria by mosquitoes: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1902



an urban-type settlement in Volkovysk Raion, Grodno Oblast, Byelorussian SSR, 2 km from the Ross’ railroad station on the Volkovysk-Mosty line. Ross’ has a mixed-feed plant, a milk plant, and a plant producing silica brick. [22–920–11

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One of the dead was father-of-two Angus MacArthur, 38, a surveyor from Ross, Scotland. The Queen has been using a similar Sikorsky in East Anglia this week.
Lord Ross, Scotland's second most senior judge, said: "Offences of this kind are becoming far too common." BBC Scotland was able to show footage because Reid and Hainey decided not to challenge the sentence.