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non-active highly active liquor simulant is fed to a rotary furnace where it is dried and converted to powder containing a combination of metal nitrates and oxides (calcine).
The briquettes of various shapes and sizes are then heated to between 1,100[degrees]C and 1,200[degrees]C in a rotary furnace or tunnel kiln.
Another study involved a rotary furnace gas-fired non-ferrous melting furnace, 8 ft (2.4m) diameter by 20 ft.
During the operation of a cement rotary furnace 1 the solids (clinker dust) via a gap 11 between the rotating furnace and the refrigerating compartment 4 under the gas pressure comes into the inner space of a daisy type sealing device daisy type 5 and there from are poured into a conical hopper 3 and then come to the damper 7 which is pressed under the action of a loaded threaded lever 8 to the abutment 9, when the mass of discharged solid particles forms a discharge moment with a flap, which is more than a load moment, the flap turns and the discharged mass of solids enters the conduit 6 and then into the chamber 13.
Alusalt's aim is to develop an advanced flue gas transfer system that will take the heat and pressure of the flue gas from the rotary furnace and reuse it to evaporate the water by using a single stage forced circulation evaporator.
In this paper is developed the model of using these gases for the purpose of heating in rotary furnace. Working model can be used in expansion of general model for rationalization of energy use in electric furnaces process for obtaining ferronickel.
The samples were fired in a rotary furnace at temperature ranging from 1050 to 1150 Cdeg to achieve maximum bloating.
"We put in some secret chemicals, and heat the parts in a rotary furnace for two to six hours in a very controlled heat process," he said, as Doug walked me through the process.
The scheme would provide buildings to accommodate a 15-tonne capacity gas-fired tilting rotary furnace, an environmental protection system, offices and parking on a brownfield site to the north of the Alcan buildings.
Tenders invited for Rotary furnace tube as per the annexure specifications
Can Eng's Basketless Heat Treating System utilizes one rotary hearth furnace for solution treatment, one rotary furnace for aging and a small quench system that does not require large pits in the facility floor.
Tenders invited for Fabrication & supply of rotary furnace tube