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Hoe, Rotary


a machine for breaking up the soil crust in fields planted with grain and industrial crops, for killing weeds, for presowing tillage of soil, and for thinning sugar beet sprouts. The rotary hoe used in the USSR consists of several sections of revolving spike-toothed disks interconnected by a frame with a mounting. As the toothed disks rotate and roll over the surface of the soil, they puncture it without raising the lower soil layers to the surface. Rotary hoes may also be used for harrowing if they are combined with a drag beam and a light harrow.

The operating width of a rotary hoe is 2.8 m, and the tillage depth for breaking up soil crust and killing weeds reaches 8 cm (for thinning sprouts and presowing tillage of soil it is 4—6 cm). Rotary hoes are combined with tractors of the 0.6-ton class.

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The waste was incorporated into the soil to a depth or 50 mm using a rotary hoe on 22 November 2003.
The second year we bought a rotary hoe second hand and it took about a year to figure out bow best to use it.
The rotary hoe worked best when weeds had germinated but not yet emerged from the soil.
Modelling soil redistribution or translocation due to tillage, as far as is known to the authors, has not included cultivation by rotary hoe. The only experimental data available to evaluate the magnitude of net soil erosion in the reported study was that provided by the caesium-137 technique.
This will be followed by milling of the turf mat and using a rotary hoe to incorporate the dead material into the soil.
Today, a corn picker is seldom seen in the field and is about as scarce as the rotary hoe or spike-tooth harrow.
Part 1: Supply contract for the head gardener Nonprofit Zrt 7 pcs new tractor purchase, 7 pc new trailer, new 16 pcs adapter (mutrEigya-/sEszErE - 2, blade - 6 cylinder broom - 2 units, rotary hoe - 2 pieces sepros lombfelszedo - 3, soil aeration 1) As defined in the tender documentation.
Mapha recalls driving her father's team of four Belgians, pulling a rotary hoe. As a girl, she also harrowed beans and corn and ran the hayloader during hay season.
You might need a tractor, plow, disk or harrow, grain drill, mower (preferably a mower-conditioner), rake, baler, wagon, bale elevator, corn planter, cultivator and maybe a rotary hoe, combine, maybe with both a corn head and a grain platform...
After removing these, he mounted three rotary hoe pronged disks between the gangs of the cultivator and thus made it possible to go through his cornfield with a tractor cultivator at the rate of four miles an hour at the first cultivation.
The rotary hoes went blunt without leaving any damage signs on the stone.
Products: Yetter--fertilizer coulters, residue managers, markers, rotary hoes, couIter carts, frame/unit mounted coulters; Maverick strip-till unit; Avenger manure coulter; Systems One seed carts