Rotary Table

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rotary table

[′rōd·ə·rē ′tā·bəl]
(mechanical engineering)
A milling machine attachment consisting of a round table with T-shaped slots and rotated by means of a handwheel actuating a worm and worm gear.
(petroleum engineering)
A circular unit on the floor of a derrick which rotates the drill pipe and bit.

Rotary Table


in drilling rigs, the part that rotates the drill column in the borehole.

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The Allrounder T vertical rotary table machine series includes the four sizes, 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000, with clamping forces from 800 to 3,200 kN.
This compact SRT Rotary Table with direct drive servo motor technology (DDR) eliminates backlash, reduces the number of mechanical components, and provides stiff mechanical system for highly dynamic applications.
With a two-position rotary table, parts are loaded and unloaded while another part is being laser marked, so that loading times hardly influence machine productivity.
WesTech Engineering recently introduced a Rotary Table Vacuum Filter and Ceramic Disc Filter.
com)-- Catering to the oil, gas and aerospace industries, Kitagawa-NorthTech provides a new state-of-the-art rotary table design displaying an extremely compact body that exhibits a 4x smaller footprint than conventional NCRT designs, with 440 pounds less weight distribution.
54 inches ID maximum) and the rotary table bearing series (460 mm and 18.
In this paper we describe the experiment of calibration of Hilger&Watts based on a 12 sided multiangular prism by the use of a precise automated rotary table produced by the Wild company (now Leica) and two autocollimators.
India, June 7 -- IntelLiDrives has released SRT rotary table with direct drive servo motor technology (DDR) to eliminate backlash, reduce the number of mechanical components and provide stiff mechanical system for highly dynamic applications.
The Planar ServoRing[TM] model PSR-300 is a high-performance, low-profile, large center hole-through rotary table actuator.
For some helical or bevel gears, a rotary table can help allow full access to gear flanks.
The TR160Y is a compact dual-axis trunnion rotary table designed to mount in the Y direction--front to back on the table--of a mid-size VMC.
Hurco's SR five-axis machines are designed to tackle complex, multi-sided parts with a B-axis swivel head and a C-axis rotary table design.