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Bixa orellana. A tree found in tropical America, characterized by cordate leaves and spinose, seed-filled capsules; a yellowish-red dye obtained from the pulp around the seeds is used as a food coloring.



(Bixa orellana), a tall shrub or small tree of the family Bixaceae. The alternate leaves are cordate-ovate. The large, five-parted flowers are in terminal panicles. The fruit is a polyspermous bivalve capsule. The annatto is native to tropical America. It has been cultivated for a long time in tropical countries of the Old and New Worlds to obtain an orange dye, also known as annatto. The dye is obtained from the fleshy outer covering of the seeds and is used mainly to color butter, margarine, cheese, and similar food products. Indians used the dye as body paint. The annatto is also used as a hedge and as a windbreak.

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Aujourd'hui, les ingredients indigenes les plus communs entrant dans la cuisine yucateque sont le roucou, le piment de la Jamaique, le cacao, les graines de courge, le yucca, les pommes de terre, les patates douces, les piments (max, xkat ik et habanero), les haricots blancs et rouges, et les tomates.
Le roucou etait la culture la plus developpee des plantations guyanaises.
Former ABA light-heavyweight champion Joey Ainscough of Kirkdale ousted Joel Cadeux,and Kirkby's ABA heavyweight finalist Michael Stafford boxed well to eventually overwhelm Johaan Roucou.
On the days I do shampoo, after a quick towel dry, I apply two to three spritzes of Davines OI/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion with Roucou oil throughout the strands.
Ces substances sont decrites comme etant surtout vegetales, la principale etant le roucou (Bixa orellana) associe a l'identite wari' et au sang en raison de la couleur rouge de son fruit qui sert egalement aux peintures corporelles.