Round Table

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Round Table,

in Arthurian legendArthurian legend,
the mass of legend, popular in medieval lore, concerning King Arthur of Britain and his knights. Medieval Sources

The battle of Mt. Badon—in which, according to the Annales Cambriae (c.
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, the table at which King Arthur and his knights held court. It was allegedly fashioned at the behest of Arthur to prevent quarrels among the knights over precedence. According to one version it was given to Arthur as a wedding gift by his father-in-law. A round table of undetermined antiquity hangs now in the castle at Winchester. Traditionally King Arthur's, it may be a relic of one of the medieval jousts also called round tables.

Round Table

1. (in Arthurian legend) the table of King Arthur, shaped so that his knights could sit around it without any having precedence
2. Arthur and his knights collectively
3. one of an organization of clubs of young business and professional men who meet in order to further social and business activities and charitable work
4. (in New Zealand) an organization of businessmen supporting policies of the New Right
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Round Table is at the forefront of social and personal development, creating an environment for men to prosper in other areas of their life.
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Members of the Civil War Round Table of Central Massachusetts said the camp and the Civil War soldiers who once trained there have not received the recognition they deserve, so the dedication was an attempt to create more awareness.