Round Table

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Round Table,

in Arthurian legendArthurian legend,
the mass of legend, popular in medieval lore, concerning King Arthur of Britain and his knights. Medieval Sources

The battle of Mt. Badon—in which, according to the Annales Cambriae (c.
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, the table at which King Arthur and his knights held court. It was allegedly fashioned at the behest of Arthur to prevent quarrels among the knights over precedence. According to one version it was given to Arthur as a wedding gift by his father-in-law. A round table of undetermined antiquity hangs now in the castle at Winchester. Traditionally King Arthur's, it may be a relic of one of the medieval jousts also called round tables.
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Round Table

1. (in Arthurian legend) the table of King Arthur, shaped so that his knights could sit around it without any having precedence
2. Arthur and his knights collectively
3. one of an organization of clubs of young business and professional men who meet in order to further social and business activities and charitable work
4. (in New Zealand) an organization of businessmen supporting policies of the New Right
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The round table participants will exchange opinions on hos to strengthen financial sector, to improve business climate to improve governance.
"Regular attendees at the Round Table conference were extremely impressed by the presentations from our invited guests," said Tom Zengeler, President of Zengeler Cleaners.
Another local business that has helped to make Christmas magical this year is Tanner's Cardiff, by providing Cardiff Round Table with a fleet of trucks to be used by the volunteers to take the sleigh around Cardiff.
Kevin Mitchell, who was representing the team, said: "We are very grateful to the Round Table for again supporting our cause from their wonderful fundraising efforts.
On Behalf of Round Table India President Christopher Aravinth and Area Chairman Priyesh Shah would be present to sign the MOU with ZEISS India represented by Dr.
Local communities were also able to track the Round Table Santa's journey in 2017 for the first time, with the introduction of a Santa Tracker on many of the group's Facebook pages.
Well done to the organisers and Elland Round Table for a great night."
For more information about the fireworks event and to buy tickets, please see our website - http:// - or search 'Solihull Round Table Fireworks' on Facebook.
Round Table affiliated concepts include Round Table Pizza, Round Table Clubhouse and Round Table Pizza Wings Brew.
Round Table Pizza, the American chain of pizza restaurants, appears to have shut shop in the UAE, according to a number of people familiar with the matter.
Economists, businessmen and experts will examine three fields of economic development in three round tables. The first round table will focus on "renewable energies in Tunisia: an opportunity for local wealth and a key player in the energy mix for Europe".