Rounding Error

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rounding error

[′rau̇nd·iŋ ‚er·ər]
The computational error due to always rounding numbers in a calculation. Also known as round-off error.
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Rounding Error


the absolute value of the difference between a given number a and the number a* obtained when a is rounded.

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Failure to find that firm characteristics explain the differences in returns across split factors supports our interpretation that rounding error induces a positive relation between security returns and the split factor for apparently on-target observations.
This tolerance is motivated by the following fact: suppose we have computed an eigenvalue of [H.sup.2] of magnitude [Epsilon][[parallel]H[parallel].sup.2], Since rounding errors can perturb eigenvalues by at least [Epsilon][[parallel]H[parallel].sup.2], it is problematical to determine whether or not the corresponding exact, unperturbed eigenvalue lies on the negative real axis.
Below about [10.sup.-14], these are clearly artifacts of rounding error, which introduces effectively random contributions of order machine epsilon in the coefficients of the numerator and denominator polynomials.
But it's a rounding error when it comes to the $50 billion-plus budget of the Department of Homeland Security.
For the moment, however, wood is such a minor player in the fuel mix that it's barely a rounding error compared to fossil fuels.
Losing two per cent of your total fund value at the end of a 40-year period simply because of poor quality FX execution isn't just a rounding error."
Even the dog of the banking sector Citigroup, seems to have shed a few fleas for the quarter and eked out a small profit of $101 million, (barely the rounding error on the other banks results, but a profit nonetheless.) At the time of writing only Bank of America has actually reported a loss, mainly through its retail banking divisions.
We are literally a rounding error to some of our competition.
C[pounds sterling]We feel the best way for us to grow and compete is through our distributor network.C[yen] In the current environment, the companyCOs profits from its retail unit are C[pounds sterling]somewhere close to a rounding error,C[yen] said Mark Gilman, an analyst at the Benchmark Co.
Sure, the increase was tiny, a virtual rounding error in any other industry -- but growth is growth.
The Republican faux-Slim-fast plan basically erases the rounding error, or the $.055 trillion, and leaves the $13.8 trillion untouched."
John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, states that "education over the Internet is so big, it is going to make e-mail look like a rounding error" (Chambers, 1999).